Turbo or Torture?

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Level of snow on our balcony
The amount of snow on our balcony...and it's still coming down hard

With about 25 cm of snow on the ground here in Bourg D’Oisans, my outdoor cycling options are pretty much nil (that is until I get a pair of studded tyres for my mountain bike!).  In the meantime, the basement beckons…..

I’ve set up a nice area for turbo trainer sessions – it’s also pretty cool down there so I don’t need the fan on full blast most of the time (except for the tough sessions – like today’s!).  I downloaded a Sufferfest video last year, and today was the first time I’ve used it properly (I had a quick go with Delphine earlier this year but we only got half way through).  Well it certainly wasn’t false advertising – I sure did suffer!  I rather perversely went for the longest video I could buy at the time; my reasoning being that I could tough it out for short interval sessions on my own, but might need help with motivation for the longer efforts. Well it did the trick – I had that trembly/wobbly legs feeling when I got off the bike, which is specific to a real hard effort.  I’d not had that since doing intervals up Alpe D’Huez in July!

You can see from my heartrate graph that the first part was a set of 3 pyramids (each interval getting harder then back down again) and the second part 5 shorter efforts at above TT pace, ending with a sprint.  I wasn’t expecting the last three sprints though – they conveniently didn’t mention that in the video and as a result I ended up pushing myself pretty hard!

Sufferfest HR graphI’m sure that some of you are thinking – why are you doing intervals at this time of year?  Well I’m not from the old school ‘small chainring only over winter’, although I do know I also need to get in the steady aerobic base stuff.  I also quite like the idea of giving my body a shock now and then….I don’t want it to forget how to do hard efforts by the time spring rolls round here in March, and I can get out on my bike for real again…..

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  1. Your commitment is awesome! Thinking of you as I watch a Sports PErsonality of the Year. May need to pick up the phone and vote for Wiggo on your behalf!

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