Spring is here! (Temporarily)

18 Mar, 2012Cycling Ascents

After some cold temperatures recently, the weather has taken a turn for the better – still sunny but really quite warm! It’s kind of strange to ride when it’s like this, as the air temperature can change at the drop of a hat. One moment you are nice and warm in the sun, no snow to be seen, when suddenly you ride into the shadow of a mountain and the snow is on the ground and the temperature plummets. It’s like stepping from a warm room into a freezer, literally!

Another benefit is that whilst you can ride in the warmth in the valleys, you can still ski in the resorts! Delphine and I went skiing on Friday morning in Alpe D’Huez (as she had booked the day off work) and had a nice meal in the afternoon. Once we’d got down into the valley again, I couldn’t waste the sunshine so had to go out for a bike ride. Unfortunately the big steak meal and 1/3 bottle of wine didn’t make it the best training ride I’ve ever done, but miles are miles! I topped off a great day by riding up to the ski resort of Les Deux Alpes, where we met some friends (who let me use their shower) and had a few more drinks! Dont worry, I didn’t ride back down – it had got cold by then and a few beers sealed the deal – bike in the back of the car and back down with Delphine, who had driven up earlier that afternoon.

You can see from the graph below that after a cold start (I had left my Garmin on the bike in our garage) the temperature in the valley got up to 22 deg. C. It drops right down though as I climb up to Les Deux Alpes (the sun had gone in by this point too).  I wont get too excited though – a chance of snow is forecast for the next few days!

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