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Hi there!  My name is Kevin and I am really into cycling.  So much so, that I left my nice job in New Zealand and moved to the French Alps, in order to start Cycling Ascents.  Cycling Ascents is about providing great cycling holidays in the French Alps, allowing guests to experience climbing roads featured regularly in the Tour de France.  We are based right at the foot of Alpe D’Huez, in a market town called Bourg D’Oisans (pronounced ‘borg d-wazan’ – a bit of a mouthful for non French speakers!).  As well Alpe D’Huez, a number of other famous climbs such as the Col du Galibier are within easy ride of our accommodation in Bourg D’Oisans.

I’m orginally from the UK, and have been cycling regularly since the age of 16.  Starting with time trialling (as is the done thing in the UK!) I’ve also turned my hand to road racing  and sportives, whilst always making sure I get out to ride just for the sake of riding!  I’m also a level 3 cycling coach and keen practitioner of a ketogenic diet.

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  1. hi, myself and a friend are planning a rtw tour, we set of this january and will be heading down france and crossing the alps region some time in mid to late january, just wondering if you have any tips for this regarding conditions, routes and extra kit ??? any tips would be a great help.

    1. Hi Zac, I’m guessing RTW is a round the world tour? If so kudos to you! I guess the main tip for riding through the Alps at that time of year is to know whether the roads are open. It depends where your route will be exactly but you can check for round here via the two links at the bottom of this page: http://www.cyclingascents.com/newsandlinks.html
      There will be other websites for other roads through the Alps as it will be by region (and each region will have it’s own information website) – if I was you I’d save those sites on your phone. The other thing I’d say is good gloves and socks/shoes – it’s not too hard to keep your body warm (you can always cycle a little faster) but once your hands and feet get cold it’s really hard to get the warmth back.
      Let me know if you need any more info – it would be interesting to see what route you plan to take?

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