How far can you get up the Croix de Fer in February?

Cycling Ascents28 February, 2012

It was another sunny day here in Bourg D’Oisans, so I decided that I might try and do a Col de la Croix de Ferlittle ‘uphill’ stuff today. Most of my rides so far this year have been sticking to the flat, mainly in order to try to keep my heart rate down (not easy with my current level of fitness!) whilst doing some ‘endurance building’ rides but also because it’s too cold to come downhill at any speed!

But I’d had enough of all that (I’ve never been any good at low effort rides!) and decided to see how far up the Croix de Fer I could get….and the answer was ‘not that far’.

ICroix de Fer made it up to a village called Rivier D’Allemont, but as there were no more villages after that there was obviously no need for the road to be cleared! So just after the village I (carefully!) headed past an ‘Warning Avalanche’ sign, then a ‘Road Closed’ sign, and 100 metres after that decided that it was the end of the road. The picture on the left was where I stopped (I had already gingerly navigated over a 20 metre stretch of ice on the road), and bottom right was the view back down the road I had come up.

I might try again in a month or so to see if I can get more than 1/3 of the way up this time!

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