Got out on the bike yesterday but it’s cold!

Cycling Ascents21 February, 2012

Went for a ride outside yesterday as the sun was shining, and I’m rapidly losing motivation for the indoor turbo trainer! So I put my skiing gloves on and warmest ‘roubaix’ leggings and jacket and went for it. It was fine in the sun but when I was in the shade of the valleys it sure was cold! Here’s the temperature log from my Garmin 800 (great piece of kit by the way):

After the Garmin came down to the outside temperature you can see for most of the ride it was moving between 0 deg C and -4 deg C! Definitely my coldest ride ever. However, it shouldn’t last too much longer and come April / May I’ll be able to start to work on my cyclists tan 🙂 Now I just need to go and clean the bike so I can put it back on the trainer…..

Cycling Ascents – Cycling Holidays in the French Alps

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